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Composer  Lyricist   Director   Musical Director   Vocal Coach  Pianist

Book, Music & Lyrics by Michael Berkeley

A new musical celebrating the joy of turning off the TV and turning on your imagination!

IMAGINE THAT! is the story of the Tubesons, an American family who have become slaves to their television. When their TV breaks down and their daughter Molly is snatched into the TV by a television demon, their lives take a magical and adventurous turn for the better. Their only hope of rescuing Molly is to heed the advice of the Fairy TV Repair-person and rediscover their imaginations!


"Imagine That is a real treat and a hit for us.  All ages in the audience love the show and the message, and the actors are having a ball doing it. Mr. Berkeley's music is lively and entertaining, and has the audiences leaving with a smile on their faces and humming show tunes."           

      - Ross Collins, Fountain Hills   

         Community Theater

Listen to the music from IMAGINE THAT! by clicking 
on one of the selections below:

Book, Music & Lyrics 

by Michael Berkeley

OFF THE WALL, a rollicking musical for youth, deals with issues of prejudice, self esteem, and pride in being who you are. 

A tuneful, show-bizzy adventure featuring "egg people," OFF THE WALL tells the exploits of Dumpty (a character loosely based on Humpty Dumpty) who, as the town sentinel, sits on the wall constructed to "protect the community," his girlfriend Eggetha Bombshell (a cabaret singer form New York City's Yolkacabana Night Club), the "Bad Eggs" (a notorious gang of thieves who sing doo wop and communicate through tapping the Morse code), and the kids of the town who resist their parents' advice to steer clear of "egg people."

"Imagine That! and Off The Wall were the most innovative and entertaining shows our kids have done in years. We look forward to bringing them back often--perfect fare for the whole family--the crowds loved it!"

       -Pat Best, Board Chair 

         Tri-State Center for the Arts

Listen to the music from OFF THE WALL by clicking on one of the selections below:

Music by Irving Berlin

Created & Written by 

Ray Roderick &

Michael Berkeley

Musical Arrangements 

by Michael Berkeley

I LOVE A PIANO is a new 

musical that looks at America

through the perceptive and 

hopeful eyes of Irving Berlin. 

With over 60 of Irving Berlin's greatest songs, this all singing, all dancing revue follows the journey of a piano from Tin Pan Alley to the present as it winds its way through the lives of Americans.

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AND, in development:

Book by Michael Berkeley
& Ray Roderick 
Music & Lyrics by Michael Berkeley

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