Michael Berkeley

Workshops & Classes  

Composer  Lyricist   Director   Musical Director   Vocal Coach  Pianist

MICHAEL BERKELEY brings musical theatre to life in a series of workshops that 

can be geared to any age.  Whether it's the history of musical theatre, audition preparation, or a lively musical theatre workshop, Michael offers a unique, 

educational, and highly entertaining approach to musical theatre.

Schools have booked workshops:

To help prepare students for auditions for musicals

To enhance History and English curricula

As special assemblies

As after-school activities

As part of an artist-in-residence

Presentation formats include:

  45 or 90-minute performance lectures & workshops

   Half-day programs

Special assemblies

Series of workshops


For more information about booking workshops or classes, 
please contact mb@michaelberkeley.com or call 203-443-1467


How do you get cast in a show? Michael Berkeley 

shares his many years of casting (Broadway, regional, 

school, and community) in a concentrated workshop 

filled with tips, advice, techniques, and a mock 

audition with students playing both the auditioner and the auditionee. Discover how to make the audition 

experience positive and successful. Learn how to get the part by turning audition fear into audition fun!



How do you "sell" a song? This workshop focuses on interpreting lyrics, character, and personality, with an honest approach to performance. Learn how to give an honest and active performance while exploring various vocal techniques and styles.


Sing! Dance! Act!  Using songs and scenes from hit musicals, students will have the chance to explore dance styles, performance techniques and song interpretation. This lively, participatory workshop encourages students to work together, creating  characters and bringing scenes and songs to life.



A highly entertaining look at the musicals, writers and innovators who have shaped the history of  musical theatre from its roots to today. Through song performance,  anecdotes, and student participation, students will gain an appreciation of history's influence on the rich legacy of the American musical theatre.